Get Involved

You Make a Difference



Just one person donating time or essential items can make the difference between crisis and stability, illness and health, or loneliness and support.

Just one person can be a light in someone’s life and a hero during a difficult time of transition.





Will that person be you?

We need you in Ashland County! Help Associated Charities by volunteering or donating clothes, cash, and food.

Associated Charities is supported by people like you who want to enrich lives and experience the rewards of supporting the local community.

How Your Support Makes a Difference in Ashland, Today:


By volunteering with Associated Charities, you help get food, school supplies, clothes, and more into the hands of the parents and children in our community who need it most.

Feed the Hungry

During the school year, children’s meals are supplemented by food provided at school, but on summer break, breakfast and lunch aren’t available. Your donations feed kids who are home on summer vacation.


Bridge the Gap

With kids home and some factories laying off workers during the slow summer months, families often face more financial needs. Some families find they must choose between utilities and food. Your donations keep people’s water or electricity on, provide prescriptions for seniors, and cover rent to keep families in their homes.

Clothe the Kiddos

When you donate new clothes for the children in our community, you help students feel good about going back to school in new tennis shoes and clothes that fit right. As fall approaches, we’re also in need of new coats to keep our families dressed appropriately for the elements.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

- John Bunyan

Join us in our endeavor to change lives of children in Ashland, Ohio.