Christmas Giving for Children

Christmas Giving for Children


This magical time of year is the perfect time to show our children the gift of giving. At Associated Charities/Ashland County Food Bank we have several ways you can involve your child in the “Giving Spirit”.


Adopt a Family: With this program you can request a child to “adopt”. Maybe you select one your child’s age. You would get a list of toys this child would like and then your child can shop! How exciting and rewarding for your child to help brighten another’s Christmas.


Food for the Christmas Meal: Go over with your child what a typical Christmas meal has and then purchase items for that meal. Anyone could help with this one. You don’t have to purchase a whole meal, maybe just a can of green beans or bag of potatoes. No gift is too small and all donations count! What a beautiful way to involve your child and help another family at the same time.


Toy Donation: Maybe when you are out shopping your child could purchase a gift or toy for another child their age. We sometimes need help knowing what the different age groups want each year, especially the teens, and this would be a big help for us to stock our “Santa” room.


No donation is too small. The important thing is the child gets involved in “giving”.


“If you can’t feed a hundred people – then feed just one”

                                                          Mother Teresa

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