Note from School Liaison

Note from School Liaison

We would love to share a "note from liaison" that we received last year:

I wanted to thank you for finding shoes for everyone in this family. There were 5 children in this family and I have been trying to connect with the parents all year. They have been hesitant to trust anyone. I have been looking for a way to connect and noticed that 2 of the children never wore tennis shoes, so I thought that might be a way I can help this family. I called the parents and found out all the children were in need and they agreed to allow me to try and find tennis shoes for the children. This is the first time they accepted help. I had tried at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help this family and they wouldn't accept any help, I think due to pride. Which is admirable. These children are the sweetest kids you will ever meet. When I gave them their shoes they were so happy, it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I could not have done this without Associated Charities' help. I know sometimes you don't get to see the joy on the children's faces and don't always receive the thank you that you deserve. Not only were you able to give shoes to children in need but you also lifted their spirits and helped me build a relationship with the parents. Today it was shoes but tomorrow it may be a bigger need and now the family feels safer in reaching out to me.

This is the "why" we talk about so often. Thanks so much to all our donors and supporters that make all the "whys" possible!!

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The Ashland County Food Bank has been serving families since 1980. We are proud to be able to offer a variety of items including: milk, eggs, cheese, sandwich meat, ground beef, sausage, chicken, roasts plus canned and boxed groceries. We also keep a supply of taxable items not available with food stamps (toilet paper, toothpaste, soaps and personal items).
Donations for the Food Bank are always welcome. They can be dropped off at our delivery door or you can make a donation through our donate button. We want to thank our many caring donors that make this all possible - Thank you!