Get Involved

You Make a Difference



Just one person donating time or essential items can make the difference between crisis and stability, illness and health, or loneliness and support.

Just one person can be a light in someone’s life and a hero during a difficult time of transition.





Will that person be you?

We need you in Ashland County! Help Associated Charities by volunteering or donating clothes, cash, and food.

Associated Charities is supported by people like you who want to enrich lives and experience the rewards of supporting the local community.

How Your Support Makes a Difference in Ashland, Today:

We Love Our Volunteers!

This is our favorite "elf" volunteer, Sarah Koehler dressed up for the Christmas program. We are so blessed to have volunteers like Sarah be a part of our family.

Thank you!


Feed the Hungry

We are so proud of the Ashland County Food Bank. We offer not only canned goods but fresh milk, eggs, cheese, butter along with frozen hamburger, sausage, chicken, roast and even lamb at fair time. We also have taxable items that are not available with food stamps (toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, bath soap, etc.). The thanks for all of this goes to our many faithful donors - YOU make all of this possible.

Thank you!

Perrysville Satellite

In 2011 the Ashland County Food Bank Board saw a need to reach out into our county with a “mobile” food pantry. The first area targeted was the Perrysville area. So in July of 2011 the first of 2 satellites was started. The Perrysville Food Satellite is held on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6 pm until the food is gone at the Perrysville Community Center (First Street). This satellite is for Ashland County residents residing in the Perrysville/Loudonville school districts. It averages 30 families per month.

"Kids Closet"

Our "Kids Clothes Closet" was busy last year. We were able to provide the children of our county with the following: 427 jeans, 504 tops, 1,286 underwear, 1,011 socks, 306 shoes, and 336 winter coats along with hats, gloves sleepwear, shorts, etc. We are so grateful to everyone that donated or helped with our annual "Festival" to be able to offer these clothes to our county youth. If you see a coat or a pair of jeans on sale when you are shopping, please consider a donation to our Kids Closet. Our winter coat supply is getting low, and we will need to get our inventory back up for next winter!


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

- John Bunyan

Join us in our endeavor to change lives of children in Ashland, Ohio.