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Hamburger Donation

Thanks once again to our anonymous friends that donated almost a freezer full of hamburger!! We can’t thank this family enough for helping Associated Charities/Ashland County Food Bank throughout the year. We are so grateful for your support – Thank you!!

Farmers Market Donations

We are so grateful to the vendors at the Christ United Methodist Church farmers market for all their donations of fresh vegetables. One of our younger volunteers, Conner Miller is helping John Boyer with his basket of donations. John from Honey Haven Farm is generous throughout the week with fresh sweet corn. Thanks so much to everyone for the fabulous veggies! They are a big hit at the Ashland County Food Bank!!

Tau-Kappa-Epsilon Food Drive

Thank you Jake, TJ and Josh from AU’s Tau-Kappa-Epsilon. This amazing group had a food drive at AU and were able to get over $1,700 worth of food and taxables for the Ashland County Food Bank. We received Tide detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, egg noodles, cereal, ketchup, mustard, canned tuna and chicken. Great job!!

Sausage Donation – Miller Family

What a blessing!! Thank you Ray and Jackie Miller for the donation of a whole hog to our Ashland County Food Bank. That is 165 packages of sausage filling up our freezer. We can’t say thank you enough to our donors like Ray and Jackie for all their support in helping others in Ashland county.


Calvary Baptist Church Donation

Ken & Millie Trigg from Calvary Baptist Church just dropped off a truck load of food and taxable items. We want to thank the many local churches that support Associated Charities/Ashland County Food Bank throughout the year!

Trinity’s Monthly Food Donation

Our volunteers, Virginia Bartley and Kathy Conery are unloading the van with Trinity’s monthly donation. Besides volunteering once a month at the Food Bank they also help at our Christmas program too. We love our volunteers! Thank you girls!!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are getting our shelves stocked with food needed to help Ashland County families with their Thanksgiving meal. Last year we helped over 300 families and expect at least that many again this year. We could use any of the following items: potatoes (boxed or fresh), yams, stuffing mix, broth, gravy, canned fruit, green beans, corn, cream of mushroom soup and a dessert item (brownie mix, cake mix, pie filling and crust).

We received a generous donation for 300 turkeys, but we welcome your donation to help with extra families that might need help. Any donation can be dropped off at our delivery door (rear side of building) during regular office hours. Thanks to our many friends who have made this possible over the many years – and to those that will make this all possible again this year!

Ashland County Fair Donations

We have been overwhelmed at the support of the Ashland County Fair participants and the people that purchased their animals. We have received chicken, turkeys, beef, lamb and pork from these generous donors. We can’t thank them enough for helping us fill our freezers with such fabulous meat.

Summertime Food

The need for food is always up in the summer months. Kids are home and as more than one mother has said, “they are eating me out of house and home”! I think any parent can relate to that! We are thankful to have fresh fruit and vegetables available right now (we welcome these donations anytime).  So if your garden has more than you can use, please drop it off, it is a treat to many families. We had a few watermelons the other day and the families that got one were so excited to have something that many of us take for granted. We have to thank the many people and organizations that have dropped off food and taxable items this summer. You are the reason why we can do what we do!